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Gotta LOVE Marionberries

Marionberry Cobbler fresh out of the oven.Yesterday, while shopping at COSTCO, I found one of my MOST favorite things. Marionberries. Immediately, I grabbed two LARGE bags of the frozen morsels of ultimate berry goodness.

Jeff and I waited impatiently for the Marionberry Cobbler I made to be pulled from the oven. (Too bad that Jeff did not buy some vanilla ice cream while at the grocery store earlier today. Oh well…. another cobbler, another day.) Goodness, our home smells divine. Marionberries. Cinnamon. And, anticipation of the cobbler crust. Ahhh…

Mom, in her white dress, with her banty chicken.Mom would love this treat too. Mom LOVED Marionberries… heck, she LOVED blackberries. Blackcaps were a favorite of hers as a little girl. She used to get her dresses covered with berry juice, her WHITE dresses. Yes, my Grandma dressed my mom in white dresses. Grandma would have to use boiling hot water to get the berry juice out, and, she always did.

Marionberry Cobbler recipe page.