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These Dreams

WOW!!!! Another vivid dream.

This one was in the category of “fantastic, yet coulda happened,” you know the kind.

This dream seemed so real that when I woke up I was going to ask my husband, Jeff, if he had gotten a program at the wedding we had attended. I was so hoping that he had brought one home with us. I remembered that I unfortunately left mine in the beautiful red folder that we were handed. I’ve never seen such an elegant folder at a wedding. It was a hardback cover holding the wedding program and a detailed map of how to get to the reception, etc.

The important thing was the wedding party, the list of attendants and honored guests. Of course, first on the list were the two terrific people we came to see get married. Next up, well to me anyway, were the names of the performers at the wedding reception. None other than Ann and Nancy Wilson and, their friend, Sue Ennis. Keep in mind, I did say this was a “fantastic, yet coulda happened” dream.

Earlier in the day, we had stopped at a gas station. Jeff got out to fill up the car. I sat quietly. I heard some singing, yet this was not ordinary singing. I heard voices I knew…. ones I knew from recordings and concerts…. yet, these voices were live. In person. Not too far away. Could my ears be wrong? Could my mind be wandering so much as to be playing a trick on me. No…. these voices were from the car ahead of me. Acapella. Clear. Strong. Musical. Harmonious. Wonderful. Yes, I knew these voices. Ann, Nancy and Sue. And they were in the car just ahead of us. Suddenly, Ann got out of the passenger seat and went inside. I was so stunned all I could do was to scream, “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” My cover was blown. Then, I saw Nancy and Sue turn around and heard Nancy say, “OH, sounds like we have another fan!”

I could not believe my own eyes. A sighting. A real, up close sighting. I so wanted to hop out and meet them, yet, I don’t know why I did not. I seemed to have been frozen to the car seat. May be that I had figured that screaming had accosted them enough. Besides, at this point I’d be lucky to say anything intelligent. I would have told them that they were my idols and I was one of their biggest fans…. someone who had followed their musical career since 1974. Someone who had listened to and lived their music for all this time. Someone who even fashioned a coat for herself that was similar to one that Ann wore onstage. Someone who had found Mushroom Records while on a vacation to Vancouver, B.C., just because Heart had been there.

Then, to my amazement, these women with the magical voices and beautiful music were going to perform at the wedding reception.

Upon awakening, I don’t really remember much of the wedding, except that it was beautiful with love all around. Nor do I remember the wedding reception and seeing and hearing the much-anticipated performance of Ann, Nancy and Sue. You’d think my dream would have allowed that. After all, I did SEE and HEAR them at the gas station!!!!

Dreams like this appear to me every so often. This one reminds me of how much I’ve enjoyed their music over the years and how much Mom knew I enjoyed their music. She knew of all the performers I enjoyed. She was such a good mom that she’d tape concerts and appearances from the television and give them to me to watch as often as I wanted. She’d listened to their music with me. These dreams keep Mom close to me. Her influence in my life is so vivid much like the dreams she appears in and the ones she conjures up for me.

These dreams…………


Another Pancake Experiment

Well, I had another recipe floating ’round in my head… I am nearly sure MOM put it there. She’s like that.

This time, a pancake with some chai tea in it…. I could almost smell the ingredients. All those wonderful spices.

But what kind of pancake base?

This time I tried a creamier, nearly custard type of batter. (Mom always LOVED a good custard.) I am not sure I hit the mark, but the pancakes were good. And I am sure that any further ‘testing’ will be appreciated by my husband. 😉

To my basic pancake recipe, I added another whole egg, 1 tablespoon of vanilla and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Hindsight tells me I should have added some nutmeg… but I can do that next time. This time I was more concerned with the chai tea and how I was going to incorporate that into the batter.

I wanted some berries for a topper for our pancakes. I grabbed the Marionberries from the freezer, put about 4 cups in a saucepan, 1/4 cup of sugar and a couple shakes of cinnamon. I heated them up real slow, while my other ingredients were coming together. When the berries were nearly finished heating I added 1 tablespoon of “Blackberry Cordial” that we purchased from “Stein Distillery” while on a mini-vacation in Joseph, Oregon

While the Marionberries were slowly heating up, I could get to work on other ingredients. First off, I toasted some almonds. One layer on a sheet of parchment, in a 375-degree oven for 13 minutes. After the almonds cooled, I put about a half cup in my Cuisinart food processor along with 2 heaping tablespoons of “5 Valley Chai” tea produced by “Mountain Tea Trading” that I bought from “Arrowhead Chocolates” while on our trip to Joseph. I ground the two ingredients to the course-side of a fine grind.

I used 3 tablespoons of the almond-chai tea grind in the batter of the pancakes. Cooked the pancakes, then assembled them. Pancake, Marionberries, Greek-style yogurt, a sprinkle of the almond-chai tea grind. Then my husband and I ate a creative breakfast at home.

Looking forward to refining this recipe and experimenting with yet another.

Mom would be pleased. 🙂

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Birthday Celebrations

I remember that our birthdays were made extra special because of Mom. She would ask us what we wanted for dinner and then she’d prepare a dinner with our wishes in mind. And… Oh, the birthday cake. She’d always make our favorite.

She always made our birthdays special. She always celebrated us. She loved birthday surprises, another chance to spoil the family she loved.

My husband is very similar in this manner. He loves me. He loves to surprise me. He loves to spoil me.

This year, on April 6th,  there was quite a surprise celebration waiting for me when I got home from work. Streamers on the outside of our home. Streamers and a Happy Birthday banner inside. And balloons. A cake made from a stack of Twinkies (apparently my birthday coincides with the birthdate of the Twinkie) complete with candles. A beautiful hydrangea, the flower of our wedding.  After all this… a delightful evening out, a beautiful necklace, a wonderful dinner and an evening walk. Most precious gift of all…. Love and Laughter. A birthday that Mom would have approved.

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Mom, our Easter Egg Hunts and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Mom loved holiday ‘surprises’ ….. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving. And birthdays… oh, birthdays were always special.

Today, Easter Sunday, holds pleasant and fun memories.

Mom would get up early Easter morning (or stay up a little later the night before) to hide Easter eggs for us. My two younger brothers and I would get up Easter morning knowing that an egg hunt was about to take place. Excitement was near that of Christmas morning. While I have no photos of this event, I have vivid memories and can still feel the anticipation, excitement and joy.

Depending on the weather, Mom would hide the Easter eggs either outside in various areas of our yard or inside, usually in the living room. Either way we were delighted.

Mom would hide hard candy coated eggs that resembled gigantic Jordan almonds. She also included some jelly beans and foil wrapped chocolate coated marshmallow eggs. The bright, vibrant colors of the foil made those a prize indeed. Yet, I’d usually trade those with my brothers for other candy eggs that Mom had hidden. As it turned out, I did not care for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, still don’t.

Many years later, as an adult, one day while we were reminiscing about family holidays I mentioned to Mom that I never really cared for the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs much. She asked my why I never told her that when I was a little girl – she said she would have hid a different candy. I told her, “Mom, I did not want to spoil your Easter. You seemed to always enjoy hiding the eggs for us and for us to search for them and squeal when we found them. How could I ruin part of your joy of Easter? Why spoil the fun. … I still loved the Easter egg hunt, just traded my brothers for other candy… they liked the trade so it all worked out.”

I don’t really know why I told her that when I was an adult, but I seemed to know when I was a child that Mom liked the Easter Egg hunts just as much as we did, so I did not bother mentioning it. I still remember the fun and excitement of our Easter Egg hunts and look back on them each year as such happy childhood memories.

Thanks Mom…. and Happy Easter!!!