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Sweet hearts for my Sweetheart

This treat was something new. Something easy and fun!

No doubt something Mom might have tried to make for her Valentines.

I had envisioned baking ‘something’ using puff pastry. Not having worked with puff pastry before, I knew I should purchase a package of puff pastry, not try making it myself. I had thought of baking some puff pasty with cinnamon and sugar.

I felt I needed some directions, instructions…. a recipe. So, off to ‘Google’ I went. I found a recipe for palmiers. While palmiers are special, these were even more so. These were laced with red decorating sugar and when baked, resembled hearts. Perfect.

Perfect treat for my Valentine, my husband.

I had fun making the palmiers. I watched them puff up in the oven as if I were a little girl…. as if Mom was the baker.

After baking for 15 minutes – what seemed a long time to ‘the little girl’ – I was finally able to remove them from the oven. Yet, the wait was not over. They needed to cool for 10 minutes.

Ahhhhh, we finally got to try the Valentines. Such a wonderful flaky treat with a light crisp.

Truly, some sweet hearts for my Sweetheart.

Valentine Palmiers
Recipe for Valentine Palmiers