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Speaking of Chocolate and Orange….

Chocolate Orange Tea BrewingOn January 26 I also ordered some of my favorite tea.

Chocolate Orange Truffle tea from Mighty Leaf Tea.

Along with some other flavors, my special interest arrived just a few days later. Ahhhhhh…. Bliss Brewing.

This past week, I took some of this wonderful tea to work with me to share with some friends. It is now one of their favorites too. A smooth, rich flavor brightens and warms the day and mood. A lovely thing to have at work, or anywhere for that matter. I imagine Mom enjoying this tea.

Chocolate Orange Truffle tea is a delightful way to start off the day and a treat, pick me up, later in the day. Also, it makes a wonderful dessert tea. I’ve also thought about taking some of this blissful blend, placing it in a grinder or a food processor to break it up and then use it in something I am cooking or sprinkling some on a frosted treat. Sounds interesting to me.


Orange Zest and DARK Chocolate Chip Cookies

Orange Zest and Dark Chocolate Chip CookiesBesides the batch of rolls I had made on January 26th, I stirred up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yet, these were not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they started out as a basic recipe, but this time I tried something different.

I added orange zest, orange flavoring and DARK chocolate chips to my favorite basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

As a little girl, I had little appreciation for the flavors of orange and chocolate together. I do remember that Mom liked the combination. I remember that I did not. However, as it so happened, my taste for flavors changed and I found myself liking the taste of chocolate and orange together. I REALLY like it. This combination must have to do with a woman’s maturity. I’ve spoken with friends about this and most have said they experienced the same. Mom already knew.

The combination of flavors in these cookies are so good, I’ll make them again. 🙂

Recipe for Orange Zest and DARK Chocolate Chip Cookies