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New Sunday Breakfast Treat

Baked Oatmeal fresh from the ovenBaked Oatmeal.

I had the thought of this treat running through my head as I was deciding to wake up or go back to sleep this morning. Well, the idea did not stop playing it’s movie in my head. Thankfully, I had gotten enough sleep, no doubt something that my body and mind were trying to tell me. “Wake up and get breakfast started. By the way, here’s an idea…..”

Keep in mind, I have never made baked oatmeal (except in cookie form), let alone had eaten it before. I don’t remember, for certain, ever knowing it was something that could be done. Yet, somehow I knew that it could. I don’t remember Mom ever making it, yet I know she would have liked it. I can imagine her making this from time to time, putting her own spin on it. Using different berries or fruits in season.

Since Mom had not given me the exact recipe while I was waking up, I decided to search the Internet. As you might expect, I found many a recipe. Lots of recipes. I settled on one and immediately set to work. Of course, I changed up the recipe ever so slightly, making it my own and just right for our taste.

It was a hit. The recipe made a large enough amount that after it cools completely, I can refrigerate the left over portion and reheat it for breakfast tomorrow. That will put our EARLY Monday morning in a better light. Breakfast will be fast and easy and a real treat. Sorta like eating cobbler for breakfast.


Recipe for Baked Oatmeal