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Another Pancake Experiment

Well, I had another recipe floating ’round in my head… I am nearly sure MOM put it there. She’s like that.

This time, a pancake with some chai tea in it…. I could almost smell the ingredients. All those wonderful spices.

But what kind of pancake base?

This time I tried a creamier, nearly custard type of batter. (Mom always LOVED a good custard.) I am not sure I hit the mark, but the pancakes were good. And I am sure that any further ‘testing’ will be appreciated by my husband. 😉

To my basic pancake recipe, I added another whole egg, 1 tablespoon of vanilla and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Hindsight tells me I should have added some nutmeg… but I can do that next time. This time I was more concerned with the chai tea and how I was going to incorporate that into the batter.

I wanted some berries for a topper for our pancakes. I grabbed the Marionberries from the freezer, put about 4 cups in a saucepan, 1/4 cup of sugar and a couple shakes of cinnamon. I heated them up real slow, while my other ingredients were coming together. When the berries were nearly finished heating I added 1 tablespoon of “Blackberry Cordial” that we purchased from “Stein Distillery” while on a mini-vacation in Joseph, Oregon

While the Marionberries were slowly heating up, I could get to work on other ingredients. First off, I toasted some almonds. One layer on a sheet of parchment, in a 375-degree oven for 13 minutes. After the almonds cooled, I put about a half cup in my Cuisinart food processor along with 2 heaping tablespoons of “5 Valley Chai” tea produced by “Mountain Tea Trading” that I bought from “Arrowhead Chocolates” while on our trip to Joseph. I ground the two ingredients to the course-side of a fine grind.

I used 3 tablespoons of the almond-chai tea grind in the batter of the pancakes. Cooked the pancakes, then assembled them. Pancake, Marionberries, Greek-style yogurt, a sprinkle of the almond-chai tea grind. Then my husband and I ate a creative breakfast at home.

Looking forward to refining this recipe and experimenting with yet another.

Mom would be pleased. 🙂

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New Sunday Breakfast Treat

Baked Oatmeal fresh from the ovenBaked Oatmeal.

I had the thought of this treat running through my head as I was deciding to wake up or go back to sleep this morning. Well, the idea did not stop playing it’s movie in my head. Thankfully, I had gotten enough sleep, no doubt something that my body and mind were trying to tell me. “Wake up and get breakfast started. By the way, here’s an idea…..”

Keep in mind, I have never made baked oatmeal (except in cookie form), let alone had eaten it before. I don’t remember, for certain, ever knowing it was something that could be done. Yet, somehow I knew that it could. I don’t remember Mom ever making it, yet I know she would have liked it. I can imagine her making this from time to time, putting her own spin on it. Using different berries or fruits in season.

Since Mom had not given me the exact recipe while I was waking up, I decided to search the Internet. As you might expect, I found many a recipe. Lots of recipes. I settled on one and immediately set to work. Of course, I changed up the recipe ever so slightly, making it my own and just right for our taste.

It was a hit. The recipe made a large enough amount that after it cools completely, I can refrigerate the left over portion and reheat it for breakfast tomorrow. That will put our EARLY Monday morning in a better light. Breakfast will be fast and easy and a real treat. Sorta like eating cobbler for breakfast.


Recipe for Baked Oatmeal

Gotta LOVE Marionberries

Marionberry Cobbler fresh out of the oven.Yesterday, while shopping at COSTCO, I found one of my MOST favorite things. Marionberries. Immediately, I grabbed two LARGE bags of the frozen morsels of ultimate berry goodness.

Jeff and I waited impatiently for the Marionberry Cobbler I made to be pulled from the oven. (Too bad that Jeff did not buy some vanilla ice cream while at the grocery store earlier today. Oh well…. another cobbler, another day.) Goodness, our home smells divine. Marionberries. Cinnamon. And, anticipation of the cobbler crust. Ahhh…

Mom, in her white dress, with her banty chicken.Mom would love this treat too. Mom LOVED Marionberries… heck, she LOVED blackberries. Blackcaps were a favorite of hers as a little girl. She used to get her dresses covered with berry juice, her WHITE dresses. Yes, my Grandma dressed my mom in white dresses. Grandma would have to use boiling hot water to get the berry juice out, and, she always did.

Marionberry Cobbler recipe page.