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“Timing is Everything”

This morning I was a wee bit late getting out the door and off to work.


Just over the six mile mark of my eleven mile commute there was a car accident. Must have been a messy one. Firefighters, rescue crews were called to assist (and clean up). Traffic merged into one lane and slowed to a crawl. This is an unusual site on my commute through rural scenery getting from one small town to a larger small town.

No sense getting impatient. No need to worry about getting to work, I was already probably a wee bit late. At least I’d get there. I’d not be in the situation of the ones who were actually involved in the accident. I imagine they now wish they had Monday morning to do over again. Yet, we don’t get ‘do-overs.’

While I have yet to learn what happened this morning, it was a messy accident. One car that had been attached to a tow truck had suffered a front-end bashing; possibly they rear-ended the car that I presume left an oil or gasoline spill on the highway – if that was the case that car had already been moved. There were skid marks, in more than one place. I can only imagine the mayhem of this accident.

Thankfully, I can only imagine.

Yes, I thank my lucky stars. I also thank my Mom. You see, many years ago I avoided being in or nearly in a fatal accident on a freeway, thanks to my Mom. I had been ready to leave my home, south of town, and set out on my way to the community college, north of town, when my telephone rang. Thankfully all I had was a land-line then. On the other end of the phone was my Mom. We chatted for a while, then I mentioned that I really needed to get out to the computer lab at school. We said our ‘good-byes,’ ‘talk with you laters,’ and I went on my way.

About half way from my home to the community college there had been a terrible traffic accident. Someone had slammed into the concrete of an overpass. And recently.

Yes, “Timing is Everything,” and Mom was usually always good with her timing.

Thanks Mom. 😉