Feedlot Breakfast

Thanks to Mom, I don’t have to eat in a feedlot atmosphere.

Yesterday, while on a day trip running errands in a metro area 60 miles way, we went out for brunch using a gift card Jeff’s Mom sent us for Christmas. Against my usual choice of avoidance, we used the IHOP gift card.

It was a busy Saturday morning and the place was packed. The place reminded me of a beehive – lots of buzzing and lots of movement in not much space. Customers talking as they ate the IHOP fare. Kids squirming and voicing their impatience at other tables as they waited for the food their mother’s ordered. Waitstaff moving in and out of the crowded tables balancing large, full plates. Other staff bussing tables so more customers could belly up at the feedlot.

We had been been led to a room with lots of windows… a homey little fish bowl. We were seated at a small table for two butted up against another small table for two… right next to larger tables with more people. We were so close we could have even saved the use of our gift card by eating off their plates… all the while dodging forks. Yet, we had left our chainmaille gloves at home so we ordered our own food. We made what we had hoped were the best choices for us and planned to use up the gift card on the bill and the tip.

The noise and buzzing of voices and bodies did not leave us with a relaxed feeling. Such a crowded and stressful atmosphere.

Being health conscious we’ve made it a habit to not eat at chain restaurants, yet Jeff wanted to use the gift card, so we made an exception. Based on this breakfast experiment, we’ll know better next time.

Thankfully, I had a Mom who was a great cook, loved to experiment with different things and had no trouble making delicious, healthy food for her family. Because I had a great mentor, we had a good healthy breakfast this morning.

No more feedlots.


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