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Self-less gesture. Loving husband.

Unlike my family and my good friends, you may not KNOW how I dearly love, my husband, Jeff…..
well… here’s just one of the many reasons why.

And…. a reason my Mom would LOVE Jeff too.

He went with me to attend Brice’s funeral and to the reception after.
He had the chance to stay home and watch football. Read. Play golf. Do whatever he wanted.
He chose to be with me. To support me, to support us (my friends and coworkers)…
above all, to support Sarah.

You see, he knows of the battle that Sarah has endured, the emotions that have rocked her world.
Five years ago, to the day, September 22, Jeff lost his first wife, Tina, to the ravages of diabetes and accompanying complications.

He could have stayed away from those additional memorial influences.
He, instead, chose to be there for me, for us and especially for Sarah…….
He told me that since he ‘had been there’ it was far more important for him to be with us,
to offer support.

Here is the blog post he wrote this morning.