Catching a Rainbow

I should say….

Catching a Mother’s Day Rainbow at Palouse Falls

On Mother’s Day, my husband was ready for an adventure. So, he chose a day-trip from our Northeast Oregon home to Palouse Falls in Southeastern Washington. We had the time. Why not. So, he packed up a picnic and off we went.

We drove north and northeast through rolling wheat fields for miles and miles. The terrain did not seem to change much.

Then it did.

The road took us up and over and down larger hills. The terrain finally changed. Basalt rock outcroppings.

We found our turn-off. Other vehicles found it also. They had the same idea. Go figure. Mother’s Day, warm sunny weather and families were out exploring. Jeff had thought there would be only 2-5 cars there…. I laughed. We got to Palouse Falls State Park just as everyone else and their picnics had.

We had our picnic and went off exploring the overlook of the falls.


We gazed at the waterfall, watching vast amounts of water cascading over the basalt cliff and falling down into the pool below….. sharing some water droplets with the sunshine to make a rainbow. Made me think that Mom was with us, enjoying her Mother’s Day.

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