LOVE in the generations

Mom truly enjoyed celebrations. Not only did she like holidays and birthdays,  she was always up for a bridal shower or a baby shower.

Many a family member and extended family member share memories of Mom at those celebrations. One of the reasons why is that Mom liked the shower games. Not only did she like them, but, she was good at them. Really good. So good that she had a great chance of winning. A few bridal showers and baby showers that I have gone to in Mom’s absence I have heard that since I am Helen’s daughter there’s a good chance that I will win. Well, I have won a game or two, but Mom’s record is still in tact. 🙂

What Mom loved the most about these gatherings was the very essence of them. Love. She loved Love. All the warmth. All the kindness. All the well wishes for others.

In late March, I went to a bridal shower for my niece and her cousin. Both young women had their weddings set for May, two weeks apart. Since they are from the same large family it was decided to have a dual bridal shower since both would invite about the same people.

Their Mothers were there, cousins themselves. Sisters, Cousins, Aunts, Great-Aunts and Grandmothers too. A real family affair. Some family members were asked to bring a crock pot of soup so we could all dine together and visit before the games were played and gifts were opened. What a great way to share. We had a great time visiting, catching up, sharing soup recipes. I felt Mom’s presence there. She was right there with us, with all the LOVE in the generations.

Love in the Generations

Just a few of those attending (not even half). Loving cousins, grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts all gathering to share love and support at a bridal show for two young ladies in the family.


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