Following a path….

Imagine….. walking in another’s footsteps.

Not just a few days ago or a few months ago.

But years ago. And then, centuries ago.

In mid-March, while on vacation with my husband, I felt the clock turn back to when Mom took my brothers and me on a summer vacation on the Northern Oregon Coast.

Mom took us to Fort Clatsop to see the place where Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery stayed on their historic expedition far into the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. She talked to us about the history, about the people, about the conditions.

After going through the fort buildings at Fort Clatsop, we walked along a path that lead to a narrow space that the Corps of Discovery used as a landing and launch area for their canoes. To think that just maybe we walked along the same path they traveled between their canoes and the fort they built for their stay.

All the while Jeff and I were at Fort Clatsop, I was remembering when Mom took my brothers and me there. Jeff and I were following a path that my brothers and I had taken with Mom and all of us were following a path made by Lewis & Clark and the Corp of Discovery.

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2 thoughts on “Following a path….

  1. What a charming memory. I remember learning so much about history from my Mama telling me stories. I wonder how many families tell stories and explore the world anymore. It’smthe best way to experience life!

    • Mom shared history with us, especially when we traveled. We were always encouraged to look at the scenery we were traveling through. She’d tell us the Native American folk lore, take us to historic sites and tell us of the people who had inhabited the area and learn from the caretakers of those places.

      As I am writing this, I am remembering even MORE trips we took and more things we learned along the way.

      I am certain that thanks to those trips with Mom and all she shared with us are the reason why I like to explore. Great Memories. Now, having fun making more.

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