Birthday Celebrations

I remember that our birthdays were made extra special because of Mom. She would ask us what we wanted for dinner and then she’d prepare a dinner with our wishes in mind. And… Oh, the birthday cake. She’d always make our favorite.

She always made our birthdays special. She always celebrated us. She loved birthday surprises, another chance to spoil the family she loved.

My husband is very similar in this manner. He loves me. He loves to surprise me. He loves to spoil me.

This year, on April 6th,  there was quite a surprise celebration waiting for me when I got home from work. Streamers on the outside of our home. Streamers and a Happy Birthday banner inside. And balloons. A cake made from a stack of Twinkies (apparently my birthday coincides with the birthdate of the Twinkie) complete with candles. A beautiful hydrangea, the flower of our wedding.  After all this… a delightful evening out, a beautiful necklace, a wonderful dinner and an evening walk. Most precious gift of all…. Love and Laughter. A birthday that Mom would have approved.

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