Lemon Pepper Pancakes and Marrionberries

Mom made good pancakes.

Basic pancakes that we ALL enjoyed. Sometimes she’d add a side of bacon and eggs to these good pancakes. Sometimes just pancakes with butter and syrup or sugar. A childhood memory of mine is when she’d add things into the pancake batter as they were on the griddle. Bacon, ham, berries – you get the idea. Good pancakes.

Mom also made GREAT pancakes.

YEAST pancakes or SOURDOUGH pancakes. As you might envision… these were the next best thing to HOT FRESH HOMEMADE BREAD…. ultra yummy.

Again, sometimes with just butter and syrup or sugar (and cinnamon). Other times, a side of bacon and eggs. GREAT pancakes.

While I do like pancakes, I don’t care for boring, average or less than average pancakes. Mom spoiled me that way. For that I am thankful.

When I make pancakes they are NEVER ordinary. I always put extras in the batter, add to the recipe in some form….. or, I don’t make pancakes at all.

I always add something…. chopped nuts, oatmeal, berries… something.

And I do not use white flour as the only flour ingredient. Many of times I don’t use white flour at all. I usually use a combination of oat flour and whole wheat along with the other additives.

Last Friday I had planned to make banana pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Thanks to a couple of spotted bananas that I won’t eat unless they would be cooked in something (and not too often then). Yet, my husband had other ideas for those bananas. He ate one with his breakfast on Saturday and one for a snack later in the evening. OOPS… there went my new experimental pancake idea. Yes, I would have simply made up the concoction based on an average pancake recipe.

Mom always knew how to ‘adjust’ so I took a page from her book. “What type of flavor will complement the Marrionberries?” Jeff had not eaten the frozen Marrionberries…. he knows better… he can have ALL the spotted bananas he wants, but don’t eat all the Marrionberries!!!  🙂

Earlier last week I had spied some recipes putting lemon and blueberries together. That sounded like a GREAT idea. Yet, a couple of weeks ago I had made blueberry pancakes. Besides I had my taste buds set on Marrionberries. I had thought of the lemon flavor…. then it hit me. Recently I had made some Lemon Pepper Cookies. So off I went.

Basic pancake recipe – omit white flour, substitute half oat flour and half whole wheat flour and add a tablespoon of yellow cornmeal. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Lemon Extract and some Fresh Cracked Black Pepper. Griddle ’em up. Assemble. Enjoy!!!

Lemon Pepper Pancakes

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