Mom, our Easter Egg Hunts and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Mom loved holiday ‘surprises’ ….. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving. And birthdays… oh, birthdays were always special.

Today, Easter Sunday, holds pleasant and fun memories.

Mom would get up early Easter morning (or stay up a little later the night before) to hide Easter eggs for us. My two younger brothers and I would get up Easter morning knowing that an egg hunt was about to take place. Excitement was near that of Christmas morning. While I have no photos of this event, I have vivid memories and can still feel the anticipation, excitement and joy.

Depending on the weather, Mom would hide the Easter eggs either outside in various areas of our yard or inside, usually in the living room. Either way we were delighted.

Mom would hide hard candy coated eggs that resembled gigantic Jordan almonds. She also included some jelly beans and foil wrapped chocolate coated marshmallow eggs. The bright, vibrant colors of the foil made those a prize indeed. Yet, I’d usually trade those with my brothers for other candy eggs that Mom had hidden. As it turned out, I did not care for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, still don’t.

Many years later, as an adult, one day while we were reminiscing about family holidays I mentioned to Mom that I never really cared for the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs much. She asked my why I never told her that when I was a little girl – she said she would have hid a different candy. I told her, “Mom, I did not want to spoil your Easter. You seemed to always enjoy hiding the eggs for us and for us to search for them and squeal when we found them. How could I ruin part of your joy of Easter? Why spoil the fun. … I still loved the Easter egg hunt, just traded my brothers for other candy… they liked the trade so it all worked out.”

I don’t really know why I told her that when I was an adult, but I seemed to know when I was a child that Mom liked the Easter Egg hunts just as much as we did, so I did not bother mentioning it. I still remember the fun and excitement of our Easter Egg hunts and look back on them each year as such happy childhood memories.

Thanks Mom…. and Happy Easter!!!


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