Orange Zest and DARK Chocolate Chip Cookies

Orange Zest and Dark Chocolate Chip CookiesBesides the batch of rolls I had made on January 26th, I stirred up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yet, these were not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they started out as a basic recipe, but this time I tried something different.

I added orange zest, orange flavoring and DARK chocolate chips to my favorite basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

As a little girl, I had little appreciation for the flavors of orange and chocolate together. I do remember that Mom liked the combination. I remember that I did not. However, as it so happened, my taste for flavors changed and I found myself liking the taste of chocolate and orange together. I REALLY like it. This combination must have to do with a woman’s maturity. I’ve spoken with friends about this and most have said they experienced the same. Mom already knew.

The combination of flavors in these cookies are so good, I’ll make them again. 🙂

Recipe for Orange Zest and DARK Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 thoughts on “Orange Zest and DARK Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Oh yes, Peggi, I do remember those dark chocolate and orange jellies… I did not like those when I was young and could never understand why Mom did. To me they were yucky. Now, I love those flavors together. OMG…. I just thought of another combination… I must try it some day… Chocolate (chunk) and Orange (zest) ‘cinnamon rolls.’ …… ahhhhh…. possibilities for these flavors. YUM.

    Let me know what other chocolate and orange treats you’ve tried or think of. 😉

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